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NYC Guggenheim Museum Geometry Exhibit

February 9-April 29, 2001
GeometryDome Design was featured in an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The exhibition was by Slovenian artist Marjetica Potrc and won a Hugo Boss prize in 2000. The photograph featured in the exhibit is by Steve Lerner.

From the exhibition web site:

Described as an urban anthropologist, Marjetica Potrc, an artist and trained architect, investigates the shifting terrain of the contemporary city and its continual reinvention....It is the attempt to satisfy such simple human needs that provokes the creativity that the artist recognizes in these alternative housing situations and equates with state-of-the-art inventions. The proliferation of container buildings, mobile homes, and recycled materials in Potrc's work is as much a part of her vision of contemporary society as is the wearable computer on view in this gallery....Mobility and transformation characterize this world in which the power of the nation-state has been relinquished to the megacity, and public space has been abandoned for the private realm of the individual.

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