Step 1/6: Preparing the CORNERS

Everyone always asks how do you do attach the corners?. Its very easy: the corners are held together with 1/4" rope threaded through a hole.

#1 prepare rope: wrap double width masking tape 3x around the spot where you want to cut the rope, and then cut in the middle of the tape using medical scissors. This will prevent fraying. Optionally melt rope w/ lighter.

#2 Tie a knot after each hole in the PVC. This will prevent the PVC struts from slipping.When all of the struts are pulled taught and tied, the vertices will hold even in strong winds. Prepare each PVC strut by drilling a 5/8" hole about 6" from each end. Make sure the holes are *parallel* at each end. Check out the diagram for threading the struts.

The Legendary and Elusive DOME CORNER!!!

Shown is a partial assembly- three struts threaded with knots tied on each side of the strut to prevent slipping. The nylon cable tie was an experiment for this particular dome- please disregard in standard construction.